Your family’s pool


Swimming pool dimensions

Intirior dimension: 8m x 4m x 1.5m

Water depth: 1,4m

Building mode:

Excavation dimension are 9,50m x 5,50m x1,70m including canal excavation for piping and wiring, up to the room with technical tools of 1m depth and 0,5m wide, as well as closing again at the end of work. The concrete plate of a thickness of 20cm including 2 rows of steel rebar and a self-leveling screed at the end. The walls have a thickness of 30cm and are composed of: concrete components and steel rebar, inside: extruded polystyrene of 3cm and a finishing plaster for a perfect flatness.

Finishing touches

After the walls and concrete plate have a perfect finish the whole surface gets covered in an antibacterial and anti fungal flysch, which has an thermal insulating and protective effect that gives a pleasent sensation when you enter the pool. For a good setting and a seamless welding of the liner we apply metallic corners on the edge of the pool and stairs. The liner is fixed on the metallic corners and then stretched and caught in the dowels at the corner. After hot welding and at the end joints are sticked and masked with liquid foil. This method of application gives us the possibility to guarantee a perfect wrinkle-free application . We use a high-quality durable liner with a canvas insertion in its texture.

Elements included in the price:

excavation pit and the actual build as described above = 6850 €

6-way recirculation pump, Model 501, 230 V of a capacity of 10 m³/h and a manometer = 1481 €

quartz sand for filtering the water, 100 kg = 79 €

antibacterial and antifungal flysch, 80 m² = 995 €

liner color blue (adriablau) 80 m² = 3624 €

metallic corners for welding the liner 28 m liniari = 89 €

tow jets for water recirculation = 66 €

two skimmers for water admission in the filter installation = 460 €

a water level regulator including the filling jet =135 €

flexible PVC tubing of 100m = 792 €

programmable socket for adjusting filtering time = 10 €

a manual vacuum cleaner including a rod and flexible hose to clean the pool = 267 €

a four-step stainless steel ladder = 390 €

other accessories (corners, cubit, pipe, PVC adhesive, collars, cable, etc) = 560 €

transport and labor = 4200 €

Work costs = 19998€ TVA inclus


For the actual concrete construction. – lifetime guarantee

For the liner - 10 year waterproofing guarantee

2 years for techincal and electrical side.


In principle, there are a multitude of products that you can add as optional. For more information, please contact us .

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