Products for hotels and swimming pools

Even from the start, GEHO Aqua-Industries begun manufacturing their own products for PH regulation of water, chlorine-based disinfectants, anti-seaweed substances and flocculants, as well as the necessary substances for cleaning the swimming pools. We use high-quality technologies and we are very environmentally aware. All our products meet all the legal criteria in the field, thereby respecting not only the Romanian laws but even those of the European Union.

Swimming Pool

Pool building and renovations

Seven Stars Piscine & Spa provides a range of Spa products, saunas and swimming pools both as a complete offer or partial options, like: swimming pool renovations, maintenance, service as well as the necessary supplies. We offer free consulting on placing and equipping as well as maintenance when choosing the swimming pool, sauna or SPA products.



GEHO Aqua-Industries

Offers complete services for your swimming pool, from building or renovation up to its maintenance.

We use high-quality technologies in manufacturing the water treatment products for the pool, as well as the products used in building or renovation of a pool. Therefore, the material we use in plating the pool is LINEA. This material, not only gives your pool a modern look, but more importantly it ensures high climate stability or resistance to chemical reactions in the pool that occur after the water treatment. Learn more about us.