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All our products meet all the legal criteria in the field, thereby respecting not only the Romanian laws but even those of the European Union.

Sauna aromas

Relax and enjoy every moment in the sauna.

GEHO Aqua-Industries, offers you a wide variety of high-quality sauna aromas, from tropical aromas to aromas with medical herbs.

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Swimming Pool Service And Equipment With Swimming Pool Backgroun

Water treatment solutions

Uncompromising German Quality

We offer complete solutions for water maintainence and treatment, in both the public and private or industrial pools.

We have a complete range of solutions products, like: anti-seaweed, anti-limestone, pH correctors, disinfectants, to flocculants, water testing pills, pool cleaning solutions and winter solutions.

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Special packages, guaranteed quality.

We offer you a complete kit for maintenance of inflatable swimming pools (1-10 m³) or residential (40-50 m³).

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